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Communicating With A Loved One With Dementia Can Be A Real Struggle


I’d like a glass of water. Such a simple request. But for people with dementia, communicating their needs can be a real struggle. They may invent new words to describe familiar items, easily lose their

Communicating With A Loved One With Dementia Can Be A Real Struggle2018-11-20T12:28:07+00:00

What is Dementia? Let Us Help Answer Your Questions. Contact Us Today!


Dementia is a progressive condition that affects a person’s ability to recall common information such as names, dates and places. As this disease progresses, a person’s ability to communicate becomes increasingly challenging and difficult. Changes

What is Dementia? Let Us Help Answer Your Questions. Contact Us Today!2018-11-20T12:30:20+00:00

How to Choose the Right Pet


There can be a lot of benefits to owning a pet, no matter what the age. When seniors are trying to pick out a pet, it’s important to make sure that pet is compatible to

How to Choose the Right Pet2016-12-23T23:48:52+00:00

Benefits of Early Morning Exercises


It’s already pretty well-known that exercise is a pretty important part of staying healthy, no matter what the age. Exercising specifically in the morning, though, can provide some additional benefits. Setting that time aside first

Benefits of Early Morning Exercises2016-09-23T21:20:38+00:00

Reasons to Stay Active


We often hear that there are a lot of benefits to exercising, but a lot of times it can be difficult to find the motivation to do it or to know which exercises are the

Reasons to Stay Active2016-12-23T23:48:52+00:00

Mental Exercise Suggestions


If you’ve been diagnosed with dementia, have a loved one that’s been diagnosed, are worried about the possibility, or are simply interested in sharpening the mind, here are a few suggestions on ways to keep

Mental Exercise Suggestions2016-12-23T23:48:52+00:00

Common Types of Dementia


There are a variety of different kinds of dementia, but there are some that are more common than others. The most common and most well-known form of dementia would be Alzheimer’s. There are a few

Common Types of Dementia2016-12-23T23:48:52+00:00

What Is Anosognosia?


It’s quite possible that you’ve never heard of the term anosognosia, but it’s something that often happens with people who have been diagnosed with serious illnesses, such as dementia. Anosognosia is the inability to recognize

What Is Anosognosia?2016-12-23T23:48:52+00:00